Healthy Cinnamon Rolls! 🤤


Hi, FB family!

Ready for the weekend!? Or is it weekend already where you are? 😊

Are you working out this weekend or relaxing? Are you going to indulge a little bit or not?

I usually indulge on the weekends 😊 so I will probably do!

As for the exercise, I am doing a lower body workout on saturday and an upper body workout on sunday 😊💪

Anyways, to the point, I did this healthy cinnamon rolls and wanted to share the recipe!

So you will only need:

300gr of greek yogurt or your yogurt of choice

250gr of oat flour (or whole wheat flour).

You mix those two ingredients together. The amount of flour can vary, the important thing is that you add as much flour to make a homogenous, manageable and non-sticky mixture.

Then, with a roller, make the dough flat and rectangular.

Cover the dough with a bit coconut oil, and a mix of cinnamon powder and coconut sugar.

Then, roll the dough and when is all rolled, cut it in pieces (as big as you want them).

Put the rolls in a baking sheet and cover them for 20 minutes.

Then put them in the oven (180c or 350f) for 35 minutes or until golden!

To be honest, they are a little bit dry but you can put some runny topping (coconut milk mixed with stevia or some jam, or eat them with milk or something).

Hope you like them! I did! 🤤 I eat two small ones as my dessert after lunch! And the other ones, I will eat at breakfast these days! 😊

I don't usually like greek yogurt but the taste here is very good!

Happy weekend!