Foggy cold Roamblender.... great start to Friday!


This morning the first message on our Roamblender group whatsapp was: “it is very foggy over Westcliff”.... I looked out of the window and couldn’t see the sea at all (top part of the photo), dark and dreary morning indeed. And cold!!! But once we got running and doing all sorts of exercises, my glasses steamed up enough for me to have to take them off, i.e, I got very sweaty and warmed up!

Some of the exercises we did were: lines shuttle run, three way lunges (reverse lunge, forward lunge and lunge with front foot on the bench), squat walk and backwards squat walk up the steps (.... ouch those glutes!), plank variations, hill sprints and lots more. I had planned to just run back down the steps, not doing pistol squats like last week. But after I had said that, two girls “insisted” on trying them out, so we ended up doing them anyway! The guys behind weren’t even aware of this whole discussion as they were happily planning our next kayak excursion....yay!

Nobody seemed in a hurry to get off home or to work so we did some extra exercises: twofooted jumps over the groynes (wooden partitions on the beach) and single leg hops on the sand. As we were on the beach already, we did our cooldown there!

Later on in the day we walked along the beach after we did some shopping. The waves were fantastic (bottom bit of the photo, hope you can see it), but I said to my husband: “great waves for bodyboarding, but I am soooo NOT tempted!!”