Health Check In: 2/21/2019


Today has not been the best day in terms of my ED. I've struggled with some body images problems and all around negative thoughts about myself. (Mostly towards school, work, and how I act etc.)

Eating wise has been okay but not fully done with the day yet. (I will update as I eat.) I had to go into work early today and then class and then work again so my meals were spread out in different times and I didn't have a snack.

Breakfast: Protein Shake (almond milk, protein powder (chocolate), and a scoop of peanut butter. Two scrambled eggs with one piece of toast and ketchup.

Lunch: Vegan Chicken Nuggets, Rice, and mixed Veggies

Snack: Not Eaten

Dinner: Went to Chili’s with my dad before shopping. Lost control and ate way to many chips and salsa. Had a salad with shrimp as well.

Stress: Still from my research project about midwives and work.