Way below daily calorie goal, but feel fine?


So I decided today to start writing a food and exercise journal. I found a nifty online calculator that calculated my daily calorie needs, as well as macronutrient needs. I started my day off with a workout and burned 513 calories from that. I then preceded to eat my meals/snacks as normal. At the end of the day, here is what I had:

907/2030 reccommended calories

103/288 recommended carbs

44/92 recommended proteins

31/56 recommended fats

So I didn't eat even half of my daily recommended calories, but I am full, content, and energized. But, I also ate a boatload (probably 5 oz!) of macadamia nuts yesterday evening, so that may have something to do with it. I know I wouldn't have been comfortable eating over double of what I ate today, but it's also bad for your body to not get the nutrients it needs. Is it the end of the world that I apparently didn't eat anything today? What do you think?