Patellar tendonitis and the perpetual "modifying" of workouts

Hola FB community!

I`m not really a forum poster usually, but I figured I would "rant" a bit and seek support from people who are in a similar boat because that is what coming together as a fitfam is all about.

I've been working out with FB for about 4 years now(but really 2 years consistently) and the workouts have changed my life, the way I view food/my body/working out. It's great.

My particular problem(first world) is that I have developed patellar tendonitis, which can be SUPER frustrating sometimes. I developed it a few years ago when I was running and doing all my workouts at a high impact(and not stretching or really being careful because I was rather new to fitness). On top of all that, I fell on a vacation and twisted my ankle, which I believe makes my more affected knee ache even more, BUT I still workout and very often. I do most of the FB program with just cutting out the jumping and upping my intensity while cutting out the impact. I've adapted and do a lot of stretching/strengthening for my knees but there are still days when the ache is real and a super downer.

I guess the point of this post is to just connect with others out there who are in the same position, whether having to modify for this particular injury or another, advice, tips, tricks, encouragement?

I hope y'all are out there killing it with your workouts and Happy New Year!