My favourite mug in my favourite place....


Started the day off with some litterpicking around the gardens and a natural play area near the beach. I obviously caught the attention of the manager of the restaurant next to it, because he came out to chat and offered me a free coffee 😊😜!

After I had filled one binbag, I joined the other volunteers to work in the gardens. We were shifting a pile of garden refuse to the trailer on the beach, which meant heaving bucket loads onto the wheelbarrows and wheeling them down a long slope and up a ramp into the trailer. Luckily up the slope was with an empty wheelbarrow... Mind you, yesterday morning we did Roamblender with resistance bands, so my glutes were screaming at me pushing that wheelbarrow up the slope 🤣🤣🤣!

One tourist told me I didn’t have to go to the gym tonight as this was a good enough workout already! I agreed but thought to myself: “I never have to go to a gym, I have FB!!!!”

I was so ready for a nice cup of tea halfway through the morning. With the weather being well nigh perfect, I enjoyed my cuppa in my favourite mug in my favourite spot in the gardens with these gorgeous views.....

All that is left for today is a nice read (my 600+page book is nearly finished) in the garden. I might even go down to the beach.... not doing much else anymore!! No FB workouts anymore today.