6 weeks and I'm back! Plus some honest truths...


I had grand plans to do stretching and squats etc during my recovery after a few weeks. I did do them some days, but honestly I did my physio and left the rest as I was fighting off a cold and didn't want my body dealing with more than it could handle. I did go for some gentle walks to move around a bit.

But now I've hit my 6 week post-op marker and I can start exercising again!! Still no jumping allowed, so I've started the FB Low Impact programme. I did Days 1&2 as I wanted a proper session of workout (as tomorrow I can't fit it in). Even though I feel like I've gone backward so much compared to 6 weeks ago, I feel amazing. I feel like myself again.

I have to make some modifications here and there as I a) can't jump yet, and b) don't want to put too much pressure through my arms immediately. But I've been doing FB programmes for 10 months so I know how to modify by now!

So excited to be back. Taking a new bunch of 'before' photos for my progress. Hooray!