Almond Flour Birhtday Cake! 😊🤤


Hi Blenders!

How did you weekend go?

Mine was very good. Good food, good workouts, good company! 🤤💪😊

Today, we celebrated my aunt's birthday so I did her a very yummy but healthy birthday cake.

I wanted to share the recipe with you! https://healthyrecipesblogs.com/almond-flour-cake/

I modified some things like: a put 4 egg whites and 2 eggs instaed of 4 eggs, I only put 1/4 cup of honey instaed of 1/2 (and I even think I could have put less), I put a spoons of almond milk instaed of vanilla (cause I never hace vanilla haha😅).

Then, I did the recipe but separated the batter in two little baking mold. When they were done, I put one in a plate and put peanut butter (sweetened with stevia) on top with cinnamon powder. And then, put the other cake on top of it and put a pich of peanut butter and cinnamon powder too. 🤤

It was delicious!

Just wanted to share! 😊

Hope your weekend was as good or even better than mine! 😊

And let's start next week with all the best energy as well! 😊💪