Book Recommendation


Hi everyone: I wanted to share this article (link at bottom) from the NYTimes by Jo Robinson, who is the author of the book I'm reading now, Eating on the Wild Side. This book has been a fantastic guide to maximize the nutrients from my food, things like what varieties of apples I buy, how to cook food to make the nutrients more easily available to my body (for instance, steam carrots and cook tomatoes, avoid boiling vegetables if you won't drink the cooking liquid!), and it has inspired me to try vegetables and fruits I don't normally eat. It is so interesting, and while I won't be making every single dietary change (won't be picking wild blueberries daily for my morning yogurt anytime soon), some of them have been easy to incorporate and I am better informed about the value of the food that I eat.

Let me know if you have read the book! The article is a short preview, and she's been interviewed on podcasts as well (I bought the book after hearing her on Freakonomics)

And let me know if you have recommendations (books, articles, podcasts, anything). I want to read Michael Pollan's books next.