Daily Check-in: Wednesday, February 13th


Hello Blenders!

Here's a pretty sunset pic to start off your Wednesday (or Thursday)!

How are you all doing today? Feeling good? Glad that we're half way through the work week already?

I know I am!

I'm also ready to do some more snow shovelin today! We've got tons of snow, and the wind is bad again--so it's makin big drifts everywhere.

That'll definitely be a part of my #WorkoutComplete today!

Speaking of #WorkoutCompletes: are you guys working out today, or are you resting?

Today's a core and cardio day for me! Plus shoveling of course (which could be interesting due to some sore upper body muscles I've got today).

My hubby has also recently started FB Mass, and he seems to like it so far. I'm so glad he's still trying to keep up on workouts (even though he doesn't like working out)! So far the workouts have been relatively short too so it's easier for him to fit them into his day. (Plus it's more weight lifting, which I think he might actually enjoy, even if he doesn't want to admit it haha)

And what about some good food goin on today, Blenders?

I'm thinkin we're gonna make some chickpea curry! Here's the recipe I use if you're interested:


Quick, easy, delicious and nutritious dinner--that's my jam! haha

What about you guys? What's on the menu for today?

Alright Blenders, I've got to get back to shovelin snow!

I hope you all have a great day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Keep on, keepin on, Blenders!