Happy pregnancy with FB. 4 and 1\2 months picture.

Hello FB family, just to share a little bit of my experience in this pregnancy, exercising with FB has been such an important thing for me! At first I thought I would have to stop working out at home, and join some pregnancy-specific classes, but It's been pretty relax to follow my home-workout routine. I honestly would not change it for any classes out there. Well, I abandoned the gym a time ago and adapted so well to home exercises, I feel more motivated, and free, and is no diferent now.

I was 4 and a half months pregnant in the picture, now I am 4 months + 3 weeks. I couldn't ask for a better pregnancy, untill now I haven't had any problems with bloating, nor back pains, or lack of energy, - Sometimes, a CRAZY sleepnes hits me. But it's quite diferent from regular tiredness, it's very hormonal related and easy to identify. And I haven't gain any weight either if considering my weight before pregnancy (but the baby is growing very well, it's a big boy!).

I now that MUCH of that is due to genectic, a number of diferent factors, and the stage of pregnancy, but in general, I think keep active and eating clean has a LOT to do with the well being, too.

Is there other FB mom's out there? How are you feeling working out while pregnant, do you also think that it contributes to your happiness and well being? =**


My doctor allowed me to keep working out since the 1st month of my pregnancy. I've been working out since the 14th week (I had hyperemesis, so I was too debilitated to start before). Before that, I work out since I was 12 years old (25 now), with FB for the past 2 years.

I didn't have to change much in my trainnings. But if you're pregnant, make sure to TALK to your doctor before exercising, always!! Every pregnancy is unique, and every women may need to modify diferent things!!