Pregnant and wanting to get back at it


Hi there! Before pregnancy I used Fitnessblender 4-5 times a week. I did FB Burn twice, FB Adventure twice and FB30 Round 3 once. Before all of that, I just did random videos each week.

Anyway, my first trimester hit me really hard. I was so tired and nauseated all the time. I did not at all. I’m early in my second trimester and really want to get back into being active. I don’t feel healthy (fitness wise) anymore. I used to get headaches a lot but exercise helped me with that for years. I’m starting to get headaches again.

Anyway, so my point is I tried going through and picking a lot of easier workouts that I could do until I’m 100% back in the game but it’s taking me a while to find some. I’m wanting 30ish minute workouts, that are mostly feel good workouts but also challenge you at least a little bit. I also really need some encouragement. I never thought I’d have so much trouble picking up my workouts again. I used to love it so much but now it just sounds so..hard.