How to deal with overtraining & manage to finish FB program


Hi guys! so I purchased the FABS workout program a while ago but never truly tried to finish it. In the meantime, I've increased my fitness level moderately. I ran this year 10K for the first time, did a couple of 5-7K races with satisfactory times and a spartan sprint. Additionally, I ski in the winter and hike in the summer. I've been doing yoga for a few years and have been joining HIIT classes once a week for the past 3 months. I thought I was ready to give FABS another chance so I started it during Christmas in order to exercise during the holidays.

I have completed the first week and started the second, but not only my body hurts a lot but I'm constantly tired and very lethargic. I've been sleeping 9+ hours and I still feel tired during the day. From this, it is clear that I'm not used to strength train every day and that I'm on my way to overtrain. The program, as it is, seems to be too much for my body currently. I've been working during the holiday period and apparently, any kind of stress (from work or from exercise) can overload your central nervous system.

I would like to know if someone else has encountered this problem while attempting to finish an FB program and how to train in order to be able to finish the program at some point. Pushing through it is not an option for me since the pain and tiredness are preventing me from being productive at work. Maybe doing a training session every other day? I'm all ears!