The Incredible Abs


I've been regularly working out with Fitnessblender for nearly one and a half years now. (irregularly for over two years) I can safely say that I manage to do almost all the exercises as effectively as possible and I don't just go through the motions I really, as Daniel and Kelli say, push myself.

Which brings me to the point at last. When I do lower or upper body workout routines, more often than not, I'm sore the following day or days. The intensity varies but I always feel the muscles I targeted. I did a 1000-calorie workout routine at the end of December and I walked like a robot for nearly 2 days.

However, whenever I do abs workout it doesn't seem to have the same effect. You might say I probably don't push myself but it wouldn't be quite true. I moan like the leading actress in a cheap adult film even after the first set of exercises (especially if they are toe touch crunches..). I've learnt to do all the main exercises targeting the abs and I never cheat. Not intentionally at least. I might not do them perfectly but it can't be that bad either. Still, no matter how hard I work out I don't feel as sore as I think I should.

The funny thing is that regardless of the lack of pain I can see some results. Not really spectacular results, I mean I don't have a six-pack and I probably never will unless I become a professional bodybuilder but that's perfectly fine.

Does any of you have similar experiences? Thank you for your responses in advance.