Finally HOPE while fighting chronic pain/illness

Hi guys!

I just joined yesterday after having a real meltdown of frustration. I've always been an active and fit person and regularly worked out at a gym, but for the past 2 years I've been fighting a chronic health issue that doctors are having difficulty diagnosing. It leaves me in constant discomfort and often serious and debilitating pain.

Coupled with some extreme back problems, my workout options have seemed to get smaller and smaller. It's gotten so hard just to get to the gym and even harder to know what to do once I'm there, as I can't do what I've always done. I'm only 28 and getting married in a few months and was on the edge of despairing, as I'm not looking or feeling the way I want to.

Then I found FB! The workout videos provide all the info I need and I can see at a glance if it is something I can do. Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated by all I can't do, I have all these ideas for what I CAN do. Now what used to be so overwhelming now just looks like one next step that I CAN do.

Now I can go to the gym or work out at home with a battle plan.

Thank you Fitness Blender!