Oh.... the smell of that coffee after Roamblender!!!


Well, we were quite lucky with the weather this morning, considering so much rain had been forecast. When we walked out of the front door, we were met with a tiny drizzle of rain, but....an awful lot of wind. One friend cancelled, so I said to my husband while we were walking down to the beach: “what do we do if the others don’t turn up?” I answered my own question: “go back home and back to bed!!!!”.....then we saw the car turn up with our two friends in. And I was actually not disappointed! I was happy to get going.

As the wind (read: storm, the sash windows are rattling away as I am typing this!) was pretty horrendous, we did not go anywhere near the beach. We stayed in the Gardens for our warm up and then did our exercises in and around the Chine.

Some of our exercises were: staggered squats up the stairs, jumping lunges on the bench, russian twists plus bicycle crunch, pushups and frog jump up the steps, burpee squat hold, wall handstand plus leg raise.... we worked hard but also chatted a lot while running to the various places. I love this kind of workout! Outdoors and with friends!!!! Photo shows some action shots (I am the one in orange.... I think the caption with that photo should be “61 and still going strong!” 🤣)

When we got home, my husband put the kettle on and then..... that smell of coffee: that is BLISS!!!

As we skived off cleaning yesterday and went to the beach instead, we are doing the cleaning today....😱, so, Kim and Fellowblenders, I will probably not do the Kettlebell Challenge today! It is day 4 I am doing, which is the arm workout.... after doing the cleaning I might not feel up to it!! Mind you, tomorrow we have conservation work all day, so won’t want to do it then... I will see how we go!!

Have a great day everyone! Mine is going to be good with that start of Roamblender and Coffee!!!!