Changed #KettlebellChallenge around a bit.... and what a place to have a read!


I decided I would have to change the workouts in the Kettlebell Challenge around a bit.... As Kim said: "make it work for you". As I am doing Roamblender tomorrow morning, I wanted to bring the kettlebell workout from day 5 forward, but then I realised that that one had a lot of hiit in it, a no-go with my downstairs neighbours. So I looked for a different kettlebell workout. This is the one I used today

I thought it was great, sweat running down my face at the end.... I will do today's upper body workout (from the kettlebell challenge) tomorrow or Saturday. I have got a nice Roamblender session planned for tomorrow. Wish us luck though, as there is an awful lot of rain forecast.... oh well, we can only get wet 😜, we will still have fun.

Today the sun was shining so invitingly, that we decided to leave the cleaning till tomorrow.... we went off for a walk in the Chines (parks) and along the beach. Then we ended up in the Tropical Gardens for a read. (I am currently reading a German book, called Helix, 600 plus pages, very good, but as German is not my first language, rather slower than reading Dutch or English)! The photo shows the view and surroundings of where I sat reading.....What a gorgeous place to sit, right??




Now onto my mental workout: I have started on knitting the left hand mitten for my daughter, but my oh my, that is totally different to the right hand...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣