Healthy Eating Challenge - Day 25


Hello FB Family!

First of all, let me thank you for being the wonderful people that you are, for leaving me such amazing comments and for sending so many hugs! I stil can't believe it.... *.*

So much love both at home and here was essential to my healing, and today is so much better! I'm resolved to be optimistic and stay strong. One step at a time I'll be as good as new! And you know what my first step was, just this morning? I started the Kick A$$ Community Challenge! Nothing better to kickstart my new path towards new goals :) Of course, my internet connection had to die, but did I let that deter me? Not at all! [Thank heaven for those printables...] So here I am, at my aunt's, borrowing her laptop and wi-fi to post this. See, I'm getting better already :)

Now, I've not forgotten my challenge in the midst of all this. I'm proud to say that yesterday I got a #HealthyDayComplete! I'm learning to find better coping ways than binging, so it's a good thing I started this challenge after all :)

Lunch will be shredded chicken, veggies and our bread. I'm thinking eggs and cheese tonight (with a side of roasted pumpkin?), because eggs always improve my mood. Besides, I love that you can cook them in so many ways, that it's like eating a totally different food each time :D

Well, Blenders, do tell me about your day if you like. Share your recipe, leave a like, just read this if you're tight on time. Whatever you do, know that you are wonderful human beings and I'm proud to be a member of this community!

P.S. For technical reasons (e.g. I don't really know how long it will take to fix my internet connection -.-) I might be absent in the next few days. Or I might not, my aunt being the kind lady that she is :) In any case, I will go on with the challenge and will report back here as soon as I can.

Virtual hugs to everyone!