Hoping for Suggestions



I started with Fitness Blender roughly 1.5 years ago. I was in college and at first, I had a gym in my apartment building. I committed to working out 3 times a week for a semester while I lived in that building. I LOVED working out on the elliptical. I would usually go around 25 minutes a day. When I moved, I no longer had a gym to visit. That's when I found Fitness Blender. For almost an entire year, I consistently dropped weight (almost 80 pounds.) I still use Fitness Blender with workouts usually around 30-45 minutes. I do a mix of HIIT and strength training 5 days a week (I do 2 days on and I day complete or active rest depending on how sore I am from the other 2 days.)

I have not been able to lose anymore weight for about 11 months now. My eating habits did change when I moved in with my boyfriend, but I have gotten them back on track (he has lost weight just eating healthy and NEVER working out...) I can't seem to drop the 30 pounds I gained back when I moved. I would love to hear how you lost/maintained weight loss.

Sometimes, I feel embarrassed that I lost all of that weight, gained some back, and now can't get rid of it.