Roamblender is back “in business” ... great exercising in the outdoors again with friends


This morning was our first Roamblender session after our three weeks away. It was good to be running around again and doing all our various exercises: skaters up the steps, pistol squats down the steps, wall plank jacks, bench step ups.... quite a few new exercises as well, some of which were quite hard. I am still a bit sore from Sunday’s kettlebell challenge workout, so I didn’t do quite as many reps as I told the others to do (that’s the advantage of being the “Boss-man” or “Bootcamp mama”, as I get regularly called 😜😜). I managed to take some pics of the others working hard though! And cooldown was on the beach again. It is also getting much lighter in the morning. I didn’t need my headlamp to read my notes, yay!!! I hate running with a headlamp, don’t know why?!?!

Sorry Fellowblenders and Kim, no Kettlebell Challenge day 3 for me today.... I think the Roamblender session was enough for today. Might do Kelli’s newest Pilates stretch again today, as I really enjoyed that yesterday!) Hubby and a friend want to go swimming today, I might join, but then just for a relaxing swim only, nothing major....