Getting back on track


I am a college student and have had a wild past 3 months. I used to work out every day, but life got in the way and I haven't worked out in a while and my diet has been awful 🙈

BUT my new semester started today and I thought there was no better time to get back into a healthy lifestyle! Last time I tried to lose a few inches of my waist I was hungry ALL THE TIME because I was cutting portions and not changing my diet. This time I have incorporated lots of fruits and veggies and chicken into my diet so I can actually eat more and stay full through the day without getting way to many calories. Although this is only day 1, I already feel so much better than last time! Last time I also tracked my calories like a crazy person, but this time I'm going to be a little more lenient for my own sanity 😂

Anyway I'm starting FB BURN today and can't wait to see my progress! I just hope I can stay this motivated lol...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!