Done with a 1000 calorie workout... at 4 AM


HA! It's 5:50 AM and my arms are shaking while I write this.

I have been running away from this 1000 calorie workout for a while because is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and... me chicken.

Since I work the nights and I sleep the days and tonight I was off, I was thinking what to do at this hour. I knew I kept rescheduling this workout (part of FB Fit) for 3 weeks now and I have done shorter workouts. It was 3:30 AM in the morning and I had 3 options:

1. To take a bath and go to sleep, but that would have meant to ruin my sleeping schedule and tomorow night to be super tired. My bedtime is at 7-8 AM.

2. To watch a movie/ read/ play on console

3. To workout.

I was feeling guilty and I decided to do a 35 min strenght workout but then... I felt even more guilty when I pressed once more on "reschedule" on that 1000 calorie workout and I said: "F%^& this! I am doing this NOW".

At 4 AM I was starting to do it. I did it low impact, with no jumping, because I live in an apartament building. But I still needed some metal music to go trough this (I super reccomend Myrath- Tales of The Sands album). Even if I have a puzzle mat, it would have been too much to jump, since my neighbor underneath, happens to sleep in the living room, pfffffff!!! Apparently, I didn't disturb the neighbors. They either slept too deep and didn't hear my "satanic music" (in Eastern Europe, metal music is considered satanic... don't ask), or they heard me and didn't dare to knock at my door, but wished me a slow death in hell, instead. We'll see :))))

Even with the low impact modifications, I still managed to burn 660 calories so... it worked!

I am sooo happy and prouuud!!

End of story, haa haa!!