Eating Disorder Strikes Again


Hi FB Family,

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and great Sunday. As some of you may know I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder for almost 8 years now. (Started when I was 12, almost 20 now). It seems I’ve fallen into the same trap again.

About 3 years ago when I turned 17 I went to the doctors and found out I weighted only 96lbs. I was 5 4 and my doctor told me I had aneroxia. I had never thought I’d have an eating disorder or saw it as a problem. After that she sent me to an eating disorder clinic where I had therapy and nurse check ups. Over the course of that year I gained weight and got to a normal 125lbs. The therapist told me that the recent events of my grandfather and cat passing may have been triggers for me to do this extremely but overall it was due to bullying in middle school.

I was fine after that and stopped getting treatment. That was until last May when I took a health case and was tracking my calories for a pronect. I became extremely paranoid about my calories intake and my workouts.

I’ve been doing FB workouts for almost 6 years and have abused the amazing content Daniel and Kelly our out. Most recently I became obsessed with programs, buying almost all of them and always having to do HIIT 4 times a week, strength training 3 times a week and pushing myself to the max.

Last weekend my parents were questioning me about my eating habits, my appearance, and the amount of workouts I do. I couldn’t take it anymore so I broke down and told them the truth that I was over exercising again, counting calories, as refusing to eat things based on environmental impact.

That’s another issue I’ve been having and seeing help for. I worry so much about the waste I make (plastic trash from bottles, containers, food waste from apples, veggies, and wasting food in general) this highly limits what I allow myself to eat.

But we m getting help this week and hope to gain my life back. Today I made strides by going to the store and buying bulk snacks. There was no waste as I brought my own bags and filled them with chocolate cornered blueberries, pretzels, and a trail mix.

I hope to be able to balance out my stress over the environment, my eating habits, and how much I workout.

Currently I’m limited to 5 workouts a week and 30 minutes long until my appointment on Thursday. For me it is hard to take rest days and only do 30 minute sessions but I’m getting there.

I just wanted to say that this community always brings me up and gives me the hope that I can be like so many of you and have a good body image, eating habits, and relationship towards exercise.

Thanks for reading this and I really love Daniel and Kelly and the great attitude they have towards life. If anyone else suffers from an eating disorder or worries about the environment I would love to know I’m not alone. ❤️❤️