#KettlebellChallenge: day 1 complete (one day early...)


And how super it was: getting my first FB WorkoutComplete again after three weeks of loads of other workouts complete. That FB ✅ on the calendar seems to carry some extra importance after all!!!

Sorry Kim and fellowblenders but I could not wait till tomorrow to start. I was raring to go after a wonderful night’s sleep back in my own bed (especially the bed we slept on for the last three nights of our journey was not that good 🙈) and with that super view again (sun out, sea in the distance...yay I am home again)!

Really enjoyed the workouts! I have one kettlebell, which is 6kg, but I decided to use lighter weight dumbbells for some of the exercises. Hopefully by the end of this challenge, I will be using the 6kg kettlebell for all of it.

Right, washing washing and more washing to be done 😜, but we will definitely go down to the beach for a nice long walk today as well!