Healthy Eating Challenge - Day 21


Hello Blenders!

How are you today? Planning a day out? I wish I could, since it's so sunny this morning... Alas, there's plenty to do, so hikes in the countryside will have to wait.

What are you cooking today? Sunday lunches are usually festive here, with food that takes long to make and tastes amazing as a result. Speaking of which, I'm having oven-roasted chicken and veggies for lunch (yes, that's when you put the whole chicken in the oven and leave it there for hours, just like Thanksgiving's turkey, minus the filling). Dinner will be whatever my aunt makes, since we're eating there tonight! I'm kind of hoping she'll cook some fish, because she aces at that :D Oh, and there will be cookies! She was kind enough to bring some over for breakfast, still warm *.*

Now, let's take one moment to celebrate, we made 3 weeks! Less than 10 days till the end of this first round of Healthy Eating Challenge. Congrats everyone!