My January


I have been, definately, more active than december, but still a little lazy.

I am currently doing FB FIT (Started in November, lol), but after 20th, as you can see, life kinda got in my way, I also work the nights and my energy levels are low and I sleep a lot lately. So, in the last week of January I decided to ignore FB Fit for a while (I rescheduled the last week for February) and I have done some independent workouts. Mostly low impact, 30 minutes stuff, so I don't feel guilty. I have 8 days left from FB Fit and my next workout is an 1000 calorie one that is 94 minutes long. I will make courage to do it tomorow or monday and get done with the program.

I am looking to do FB ABS+ FB Flex. Or FB Sweat. I'll think about it.