I have dumbells with plates and also a barbell. I prefer doing lower body exercises with the barbell. But I was stuck to 16 kgs because I couldn't lift the barbell over my head. That`s why I put my plates to the dumbells many times in order to lift 20+ kgs in squats, lunges etc.

But.. Today I told my self let`s try to see if I can lift this 21 kg barbell over my head so I can do my squats...

Yes you guessed it. I lifted it!!! I did my squats and I felt emotional and I wanted to cry of joy. Last time I felt so happy through my fitness journey was when I did a full push up.

I`ve been checking if I could do this the last 6 months. Last time I checked it was before Christmas and I couldn't. Now I can! I am so happy!