Healthy Eating Challenge - Day 19


Thank you so much, FB Family!

Yes, I'm not even saying hello today, I'm going straight to the part where I thank you :D The reason is that the mere thought of letting you all down saved me from a binge this morning! So, again, thanks :D What happened: I had breakfast way earlier than usual, then had to commute to my uni, study, seeing professors and collegues, etc. and by 11 a.m. I was starving and my paltry snack of a banana and hazelnuts was not enough. Enter the enemy: the bakery at the corner of the street! Off I was, lured by the fragrance of freshly baked bread, and bought enough to cover all my carbs for today -.-

But, this is where this community made the difference: there I was, planning to buy some more bread, when I thought "What about my challenge on Do I really want to overeat for no reason?" So, as you see, the urge to binge fled, threatened by amazing people who are supporting me through this. One day I hope I'll not need to think of anything other than just my own body's health. In the meantime, if the FB Family can be a deterrent to binges, I'll be happy to use it to trick my mind :D

So, let's talk healthy food now [not that bread wasn't healthy, but the problem there was portions!]. I'm having chicken and peas for lunch, with a fennel and orange salad, and probably tuna or some other fish for dinner, with chard or lettuce and carrots. Gotta love some green+orange in the plate, so colourful!

What about you, Blenders? Are you planning anything deliciously healthy?

Let's get our #HealthyDayComplete!