How to deal with heat and sickness


Hey guys!

It's been a long while since I've done a good old Fitness Blender workout (aside from a few quick yoga or pilates videos). I feel really frustrated right now, to be honest. I took a break over December because of holidays and various reasons, and unintentionally hardly did any workouts in January. First of all, I thought I'd ease my way back into it, and my routine went out of whack because I graduated school last year and now I'm trying to work out a 'normal' schedule with work and stuff. Also, where I live in Australia, IT IS SO FLIPPIN' HOT!!! That was another BIG reason I couldn't bring myself to workout - because my access to FB is only in a non-air conditioned room where I sweat profusely just sitting in, let alone doing a workout! And THEN I got sick from food for a week (feeling horribly nauseous) and now I'm sick with a cold of some sort... at least, I think it's a cold. My little sister is currently in hospital with pneumonia, but I don't have a fever so I'm pretty sure I have something different.

ANYHOW! (I ALWAYS go off on a tangent whenever I write. It's unavoidable.) I just needed a place to vent my frustration and get a little inspiration if I could. I'm feeling really yuck at the moment (chesty cough, sore throat, tired etc), but also dying to get up and move after not doing much exercise for weeks. It's still really hot. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Also let me know if I'm not the only one dealing with these kinds of setbacks! (I'm a little worried I'll lose a lot of the progress I made last year by having to take so much time off.)