January diary: derailed, recovering, struggling


Hello fb family!

I have not been here last few weeks. It's been some hard times. January started off really great. But last couple of weeks it was not I would want it to be.

Some of you may remember that I wrote about some strange cronic body ache and fatigue. Well, thank you everyone to show me the right direction by suggesting to take rest. I have been feeling much better. The pain is not completely gone but recovering slowly. I am still not able to do a proper squat or lift as I want to.

I barely got few workouts done last 2 weeks, trying to stay active through jogging/walking if I can. And this recovery process is a mental struggle. As much as I know that taking it slow is the need of time, I can't stop thinking that I am losing progress. I feel fat everyday despite the fact I haven't gained any. It seems that in the process of recovery, my inner self is my own demon.

I really hope that I feel better soon, because it's getting really hard to feel always so negative about myself just because I can't workout. Hopefully you all are having better days than mine. Stay well.