Staling scales, still alot going on in January


That's my January. I took a break of exactly one week earlier this month, because I got a pretty amazing video game for Christmas (The Witcher 3), which I invested pretty much every free minute into during this week x)

Afterwards I got back to my 5-times-per-week-rhythm. In terms of workout that was a decent month, still the scale didn't change. The reason is I didn't smoke for three weeks now and as a result started eating ALOT more... mainly bread. Been eating tons and tons of bread this month whenever I felt like smoking a cigarette. I also stopped tracking my calories when it became obvious that it would be no fun looking at that list x)

Taking all that into account, I am pretty happy that I was able to keep my weight and not lose my training rhythm. Gonna try to get back to a better nutrition this month. At least the worst nicotine-craving is over now :)