My Lunch! Delicious!


Who said that eating healthy have to be boring and tasteless??

After I got my "workout complete", I ate this delicious lunch!

It is a stuffed mashed potatoes with a little bit of the chicken, that the potatoes had inside, on the side and avocado on the side too.

So you can do the stuffed mashed potatoes with whatever protein and veggies you want. They would only have to be ground or chopped. I made mine with shredded chicken, pepper, onion and asparagus. I found the recipe here: https://youtu.be/QVVQzsA7Wcc

I changed some things, like I didn't put the same amount of that cheese, just one slide of buffala mozzarella and two spoons of parmesan, and I didn't use an egg but two egg whites. Also, I didn't use turkey nor spinach (didn't have ☹️) so I use chicken breast and I shredded it and asparagus instaed. I made my couple's a little bit bigger than mine, so I couldn't put all the chicken in mine. So I put the little that didn't fit on the side with avocado.

You should try it, with any protein or veggies or exactly like that or whatever! It was delicious!

Happy day blenders!