More food! 😄


Good morning, blenders!

So after reading about Erse and Maria Fernanda’s yummy things yesterday, and already being really hungry- lol; I went to eat something, and I thought I’d share a pic of what I made with y’all. I haven’t done that in a while!😄

I made an omelet, with chips and guacamole; and grapefruit. First, I lightly sautéed some green bell peppers, squash, mushrooms and onions in a little olive oil. (Just to soften a bit.) Then I took them out and cooked the egg, added the veggies back in, and some tomato near the end. For the guacamole I did avocado, (obviously... haha) finely diced tomato and onions; cumin, garlic, salt and pepper; lemon juice, paprika, and a bit of hot sauce. Oh, and I realized something was missing from the omelet; so I added some jalapeños... of course. 😂 ...And I love grapefruit too, so that was a perfect side! Yum!😋

Have a great day, fam!💙