Stuck in a lunch rut- help me!


I need some new lunch ideas! My go-to currently is burrito bowls because I can just make a big batch of all the ingredients and portion them out every day. Normally this is either rice or quinoa with black beans, fajita veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms), sometimes cheese sometimes not and then smashed avocado with lime and diced tomato. As I type this I am eating this right now for lunch! Another important factor for me is that it fills me up without being overly heavy on calories (about 400-500 depending on how much of everything I eat).

So what do you all make for you lunches? If I'm not eating this then I'm usually eating dinner leftovers- but then that means I have to think of something new for dinner! haha. Any ideas are appreciated- I have literally eaten this for lunch probably 4/7 days a week for like 3 years. I NEED A CHANGE. My husband has even come up with the nickname "beanoa" (like bean and quinoa together) because I eat it so frequently.