Another snow picture... sorry, but it is a real beauty!


Well, we didn’t ski very much today. We were up on the slopes, but I noticed my legs were still pretty tired, so we called it a day after about ninety minutes....

We did try out a new slope though today. It was gorgeous: it ended below the tree-line, so we skied on a piste lined on both sides by trees! It was beautiful! We also took a video of ourselves today, because my son asked us to. He passed his ski instructor level 1 training a little while ago and now wants practice looking at people and suggesting improvements.... As he lives in Scotland and works fultime, he doesn’t get much chance to apply his newly learned skills. After he looked at our videos, he said he would give us some exercises to do 😱😱🙈🙈🤣🤣.

We did get a workout complete today, because we went for a walk, only about 6k, but that was really good to get our legs moving in a different way. We also went to the swimming pool, but it wasn’t a swimming swimming pool, it was an adventure pool.... you could do an awful lot in that pool, bar proper swimming 😱🤣🤣. It was lovely and relaxing though! We also decided to use the steam room and the big sauna there. What I had forgotten about Austrian saunas (correct me if I am wrong) is that it is all nudity: you are not supposed to sit in there in a bathing suit.... Ten years ago I could not have done that (I don’t know if you saw my before/after pic the other day, but I was 36 lbs heavier than I am now and totally unhappy in my body)! Today I just stripped and walked around very happy with the body I have!!!!!

I took loads of amazing pictures again: snow pics are just so wonderful! I think the snowy feature in this photo looks like a “snowdrone”.... isn’t it just perfect?!?!