My couple's birhtday!!!


Hello, awesome fitness blender family!!!

How did you day go? Did you get your workout complete!? Did you get your healthy eating day complete?

I did get my workout complete. I did a nice kickboxing and upper body strenght routine. Although, the eating part was off today but for a very good reason! As the title says, it was my boyfriend's birthday today!

For breakfast, I made us apple and oat pancakes with the rest of the apple on the side. So the day started in healthy path.

For lunch, we went to a restaurant near his work. He ate a chicken curry crepe and I ate a squash soup topped with a little bit of pesto and goat cheese and a bowl that had shrimps, tosted quinoa and avocado (didn't eat the lettuce, tasted one but didn't feel it right). Though, I have to say that I ate two bites of the dessert that the restaurant gave him for free for his birthday. It was a mini waffle covered un arequipe 🤤. Arequipe is a colombian sweet treat made with milk and sugar. It's similar to dulce de leche. So, even though I ate two bites of the dessert, I feel I had a very healthy and balaced lunch.

But, oh oh, at dinner we went crazy 😂. We went to his favorite restaurant here un Medellín. It is a very popular but small asian restaurant that only opens from tuesday to saturday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm and you have to be there at 6 to be able to get in the list to get a table or you will have to wait maybe for an hour or more. Oh my, but it is worthed.

There, we ate things called Baos, soooo good. They are steamed bread with thing inside. In our case, one with a spicy but, at the same time, sweets crunchy chicken and the other one was with pork and quail egg. Then, I, pretty much alone, ate three little dumplings with grinded shrimps and pork inside, because he didn't like it so just ate a bite. And then, we shared a plate of pork ribs with garlic rice and spinach in coconut milk.

And, after all of that, we ate a fudgy brownie with ice cream to close the celebration.

So, yeah, we indulged.

So know it's the time where I usually felt bad or guilty. That I thought that I would have to wake up and do fasting cardio. But, you know what, I don't feel like that. I do feel a little bit guilty, but I don't feel it that much. I feel well, I indulged with my partner in life, enjoyed his company and the food. I feel a little guilty because I do think I could have eaten less, but tomorrow will be another day to eat healthy and clean again 💪.

Every day, I closer to have a better and healthier relationship with food, and all food, the healthy and unhealthy. Because, we have to understand that habits are very hard to break. Sometimes they are not even necessary to break completly but change them a little bit and little by little. And life happens, sometimes I will want to indulge in less healthy food, and that is ok from time to time, and other times I only want a nice green salad.

Balance right 😊

So, what do you think of all of this food? Would you indulge with them?

Do you think you would feel guilty if you eat like I did today? Do you think I should feel a little bit guilty?

What do you do when you have birhtdays or meetings? Do you eat more than you use to? Do you eat healthy or not that healthy? How do you feel?

And finally. Sorry for this looooong post. And thanks, FBFamily and Kelli and Daniel, you have been a great impact on my lif and for the way it's getting better if my relationship with any kind of food.