Two records today.... super day again!


Apparently we broke two records today: we skied 53km in total in about five hours. And we did more vertical meters than any of the previous days, nearly 7000..... I like the skiing app, but I don’t really think all that info matters all that much. We had a super day again with perfect weather, that’s the main thing!

We tried out some new red slopes, one of which was really great, but it was in a shady part, so quite cold. After lunch we decided to stick to slopes that were fully in the sun, just to warm up again. I really concentrated on controlling my speed instead of bombing down the slope like a maniac. I was quite proud to manage it at some point, but towards the end of our day my legs were just too tired, so the “speeding little old lady on skis” was back again! 🤣🤣🤣⛷⛷⛷

Back to our favourite little eatery (in the sun) for a hot chocolate with cream for me! I decided I deserved that after all our hard work. I saw some beautiful icicles again... on a little fir tree! The sun shining right through it, loved it!!

Tonight we also managed to chat with our son in Scotland and later on with our daughter in Canada. I loved talking to them about all the slopes, as they know this ski area very well! Certainly reminiscing!

Oh and I have a question for K and D: how do you do a quad stretch with ski boots on???


# feelingveryblessed