Thank you Daniel! Right exercises and right words in my head....


Another great day of skiing.... according to my app another 45km, which I didn’t expect, as the weather was not all that good. At the end of the day we even had low visibility. Therefore we stopped skiing a bit earlier than previous days, (but we also started earlier, so maybe the 45km should not have surprised me)!

The snow on the pistes got quite kicked up at the end of the day, with some really icy patches on the most difficult (for us and many people) red slope! As I was coming down that slope, I kept on telling myself: you can do this, you can do this! And I did it without falling over. Mind you, it didn’t make for elegant skiing, especially not on the icy patches 🤣🤣🤣

Because of the low visibility, you could not see the rough uneven terrain all that well, which made for a very bumpy “ride”! Thanks to Daniel’s Isolation Jump Squats, my legs were prepared for this! The words “Isolation Jump Squats” kept popping up in my head....

Daniel’s words during the Three Point Squats (“contracted core and legs” ...”keep control”...”core engaged”) featured quite heavily in my head today as well, as I was tearing down this red slope with a very funny camber... I nearly lost control😱🙈, but thanks to Daniel’s admonition as to “core engaged” I managed well! Unlike my hubby who fell down on that slope, although he is much better than me at keeping his speed under control. The app does not tell me my maximum speed, but maybe I don’t want to know!!! I am sure I exceed the speed limit for “little old ladies on skis”....