Definitely “on top of the world”... what a privilege!


I am feeling so blessed: 45km today in five and a half hours of skiing in beautiful surroundings with perfect snow conditions and blue skies!!!!

The pic shows me in my new ski pants.... with amazing mountains in the background, just to prove I was really there! Our lunch was in this spot as well. It really feels like being “ on top of the world”! While I was having lunch I suddenly thought: this must be one of the most beautiful places in the world.... aren’t I a lucky girl!!!

Yesterday we were on a ski lift that we had been on with our kids five years ago. I really missed my kids at that point (even a tiny bit tearful for a few seconds), but we have so many happy memories in this area, it is super to be here.

Pretty knackered now, luckily hubby’s turn to cook. All I will do is sit down now and start some more knitting (on my fourth hat already!!!🤣🤣🤣). I might do some stretches tonight.

Oh, and there is an app now that knows what my skipass is doing.... after five days we have done 203km on the skis. I wonder how much we will end up with at the end of our stay!!!