Good to be back & taking breaks


Hey everyone,

I haven't worked out consistently for the last 5 months. I used to be active on fitness blender - i'd participate in discussions, work out daily, and wait for new programs to come out. But after taking a long break - for school and mental health - I'm ready to be back.

For years I've exercised, but only ever on and off. I'd get into a program for month and then not exercise for weeks after. I struggled with making it a habit, and after the longest break I've ever taken, I see why.

For so long I pushed myself too hard in my workouts. So much so that I was scared of working out because I was scared of failure. This led me to not working out at all.

After losing my progress, but adopting a healthier mindset about exercise, I'm excited to be back. Now, instead of skipping workout days because of their difficulty, I'm going to do a little bit every day. Also, exercising for the dopamine kick is not to be underrated! It can really effect your day.

Thanks for listening, hope everyone is doing great.