I am bulimic.


Hello, guys,

My name is Boryana, I'm 22 and I wanted to share this with you beause I'm scared to talk about it with my friends and family.

I started suffering from this eating disorder about 6 years ago with ups and downs. About 3 years passed since my last crisis so I thought I've overcome this.

Last 6-7 months I started working out and eat more haelthy. I lost about 22 lbs. I felt really great and satisfied about that but I started realising that this slowly became an obsession. I've always had insecurities about myself and my body. Now I can tell I look better than ever and everyone notices it but I feel even more insecure than before and i can't stop the fear of regaining weight.

I also have an anxiety not only related with my body but with my own self, about what I want to do in life, my personal life doesn't seem great either and so on. I am graduating university soon so all that reflects on my menthal heath and I clearly realise it.

I never believed that I would allow this to happen again and I feel scared that this time I won't be able to get through it on my own. I want to do it without any help from psychologists or medications. I did it by myself before. I haven't talked with anybody about this, even my mother or my closest friends don't even know.

If anyone has some sort of similar experience I'd be grateful if you share your story and advices here. I also try to find motivation from Kelli's story about her eating disorder.

Thank you for your time and attention. xoxo

P.S. Sorry if my English's not quite accurate but it's not my native language. :D