Healthy Eating Challenge - Day 6


Hello FB Family!

How are you? I hope you're doing great! I'm happy to say that yesterday it was #HealthyDayComplete for me :D

I'm not so sure about today, tough - and that's when YOU could really help. We're having lunch with extended family to celebrate my cousin's birthday, so there will be FOOD (and FOOD, and FOOD, and...FOOD). When I eat what I cook, it's way easier not to indulge/binge. It's days like this one that make it difficult to stay on track. Everyone is cooking something (or baking), so there will be an array of different, delicious, irresistible food. The challenge will be to just eat the right portions, and I'm afraid I won't.

I know, even if I did over-eat, it would be just the one meal. One meal can't ruin days of healthy eating. Still, I'd love to enjoy the company more than indulnging in food, if that makes any sense?

Anyway, I really hope that posting this will help me pause and talk and laugh with my family instead of going for seconds during lunch :D I'll surely try!

Before I forget, thanks for your suggestions about salad! Massaging my lettuce and add crunchy things is apparently the way to go. Let's see if it does it for me, too.

Have a great day, Blenders!