Friends are doing the #10yearchallenge, so here is mine.... definitely a Before/After as well

As some of my friends have been posting pics because of this #10yearchallenge thing, I thought I would join in. Then I thought I could also post it here, as I realised it also shows you a Before/After picture!!!! I look, but also totally feel so much better in the second picture.....

There is a 36lbs difference between the two pics (went from 163 to 127 lbs). After years of yoyo dieting (losing, gaining, losing, gaining) I had had enough and stayed at my top weight for about ten years. Then decided when I was 53, I would have one more go... but not one more go at a diet, no a change of lifestyle: eating fewer bad carbs, increasing the good carbs, eating cleaner and becoming more active! I have stayed like this ever since.

I now love my active life to the full: if you have read some of my posts, you know I love the outdoors and doing whatever keeps me active in the outdoors. I am so much fitter and more active now at 61 than I ever was before that first pic! A nickname given to me by one of my Roamblender friends says it all: “Duracel bunny”!

Moral of the story: losing weight after 50 CAN BE DONE! It is also soooo worth it! I moved to the UK 18 months ago, registered with a doctor’s surgery immediately (as one does!), but have not seen him/her at all! I feel fitter, am healthier and certainly happier!!!