Recovering from surgery - special programme I've made!


Some of you might remember that I had a double mastectomy (preventative) last July and had a hard time with recovering and some very bad luck. I lost my left side after skin wouldn't heal. So from mid-September until last week I had one side flat (used a prosthesis) - but got back to FB programmes and made a difference to my body shape and strength! Then went on an amazing trip to Mexico feeling strong and healthy.

So last week I had the reconstruction surgery. I wasn't active in any way at all this past week, partly due to obviously recovering from surgery, tiredness and resting to heal, and also out of fear because I was so nervous about the first week and how I would heal. Good news today! Dressings off and everything is healing amazingly! The nurse was all "it doesn't even look like you had surgery!". Now...I still am banned from exercise for a 6 week period and I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy, plus I still have a drain in for another week I thought - I have physiotherapy to do for my arms and I still have legs and a back and a neck etc. So why not do gentle movements as my FB alternative! So today my routine consists of (in no particular order):

• slow high knee march

• calf raises

• gentle balancing on each leg

• gentle, slow marching but opening my hips

• my 3 arm physio movements with very limited range on the left side

• a very very gentle shell-like stretch but without using arms and with limited range of motion, just to move the lower back

• thigh stretch

• neck stretch

• general leg stretches that do not affect my chest

There are even more I could do if I think hard enough!

Feeling like I may even put on a 20minute FB video just to keep me company while I do it 😊

Don't worry, I won't overdo this. It's all very slow and gentle. Very limited ranges of motion. But it makes me feel like me, instead of a slob on the sofa (yeh, yeh, I know I'm healing and not a real slob).

Thanks for reading!!