Skiing day 1, not much soreness thanks to FB ski preparation (and Roamblender 😜)


Holiday brochure blue skies today, perfect snow conditions..... feeling very blessed on the first day of our skiing holiday. I am not that sore at all, which I think is due to all the FB ski preparation exercises I incorporated in the Roamblender sessions!!! Yay!

I learned to ski when I was 53 years old! I had never skied before. Today I saw some real beginners, my, was I proud of what I can do nowadays!!! Great to feel fit and able.

After three hours of skiing, I can call this a #workoutcomplete! Actually I can probably call today a workout and a half complete: try going down some stairs in skiboots, struggling with four layers of clothing on top and four layers of clothing on the bottom to go to the loo 🤣🤣🤣 a mighty struggle and workoutcomplete that is!!!

Hopefully get a stretch in today! Oh.... and a sauna! We have a sauna in the holiday apartment. Walking to the shop now to stretch our legs and get some food. Hubby’s turn to cook!!!