Healthy eating challenge - Day 1


Hello everyone!

How are you today? Ready for a new week? I hope so :D

I'm starting a personal challenge today, and you are all welcome to join and/or chime in with suggestions, motivation tips, emojii... whatever! As the title says, my challenge is all about eating healthy. Sounds easy, right? Apparently not for me, and not in the last couple of months.

Last November I stopped working out for health reasons (nothing serious, really, and I'm well again :D). At about the same time, my schedule went crazy, so I also stopped "watching" what I ate, e.g. sometimes I'd eat a lot, other days I'd skip meals... Anyway, this all resulted in weight gain (and cm/inches gain, too). Every day I wake up determined to eat well, but it's become so difficult! I have a very balanced meal plan tailored for me by a great nutritionist/dietician, and yet, I can't seem to follow it :(

Long story short, here I am posting this, hoping that it will help me with accountability, motivation, encouragement, anything to keep me going really. I've also started reading a couple of books about intuitive eating - I'm often an "unconscious eater", so it's helping a lot.

I aim to post here once a day with my "healthy day complete", either in a new topic or in Kim's daily check-in (sorry for the spam to come, Blenders!). My initial goal is to go for 30 healthy days :)

Last but not least, a few special thanks to Kim (for posting every day and spreading the motivation), to Callie (for hosting the Scenic challenge and thus getting me to start working out again) and to Irem (for suggesting those books about intuitive eating).

Let's get this started!