Concerned about belly bulge


Hi FB family,

I find this problem rather silly not to mention embarassing, but you folks seem very friendly and helpful so I figured I’d post here in case anyone has experience with this.

I’m 155cm, 58kg (5ft 1in, 128lbs); slightly chunky but not overweight. My BMI is within “Normal” range. However, I’m a bit worried about my stomach being disproportionately large and whether it might be something serious.

My questions:

▪︎ Is this normal? (I do know people IRL who have large stomach, but they are also visibly overweight)

▪︎ Should I be worried (ie. Is this a sign of serious illness)?

▪︎ If you had disproportionately large stomach and managed to lose it, what did you do? Any hardcore dieting & exercise regime or special treatment? Or just generally healthy lifestyle?

Some background info:

▪︎ This is NOT a new problem, I’ve always had large stomach even when I was fairly slim in my late teens (around 48-50kg / 105-110lbs). It’s just now I’m starting to think about it, now I’m older and seen friends get chronic illnesses.

▪︎ My diet is not good but not horrible either: I DO love veggies, rarely eat fast food or preserved/instant meals, but high in carbs and sugar. I quit smoking some 11 yrs ago. Hardly ever drink soda; drink the occasional alcohol 2-3 weekends a month. I don't have any eating disorder, but I snack a lot.

▪︎ I was horribly inactive!! Exercised on and off in the last 2 years. Just began exercising regularly this January (on D9 of FB Low Impact now).

▪︎ I used to have terrible, irregular sleeping hours. Trying to fix it (get 6-7 hours of sleep) the last 2 years.

▪︎ I never have any health problems other than the occasional cold, flu, and stomach flu.

▪︎ I did consult a physician. She asked if I had any of these symptoms—rapid weight loss/gain, irregular period, loss of appetite, cold sweats, stomach pain, shortness of breath, fainting—none of which I had. She (understandably) would not refer me to a specialist or to take any test, suggested I improved my diet and sleep, and told me to come back if I get those symptoms. (Here in 🇮🇩 health care is free but you have to be referred by your local physician for any further treatment. Private check-ups or specialist consultation are too expensive for me.)

▪︎ Generally I don’t have a body image issue. I’ve had decent romantic/ sexual/ professional/ social life (well, no different from folks w/ flat stomach). It does not cause me any problem other than minor vanity annoyance upon looking at my own silhouette. I’d just like the peace of mind that this is not life-threatening — and/or at least I can lose this belly through healthy diet and exercise.

Thank you for your help!