Best workouts to do when sick?


It seems like my body has finally succumbed to the cold that seems to be traveling around everywhere. I managed to workout first thing in the morning yesterday (HIIT and upper body) because my only symptom seemed to be a sore throat, but I'm really struggling trying to decide what to do today.

My biggest concern is that I'm having a bit of a hard time breathing and feel a bit shaky. It's nothing too major, but I don't know if it's all that smart to do a bunch of cardio when I'm already not feeling my best. I don't really want to take a rest day today since I've only managed four other workouts this week (I normally do five), and I would go on a walk but considering it's only 16 degrees out, I'd rather not subject myself to that torture!

So, what kind of workouts are your favorites to do when you're sick? Or do you just take the day off? I'd really appreciate any ideas or advice!