Alternatives to push ups?


Hi everyone,

I haven’t done any exercise since July due to stress and a complex life but I’m starting back in on Monday with FB fit round two and have been reading all the inspiring posts to get me fired up. I’ve put loads of weight back on and feel sluggish and tired, I know that will change but it’s so hard to make that start so on Monday, when the little one is at Kindergarten I’ll make myself put on my gym clothes and get to it.

Last time I was exercising regularly with FB I damaged my shoulder, I think by doing too much too soon and it hasn’t really recovered. My osteopath thinks I should only do a small number of push ups or maybe none so I thought I could substitute push ups in the workouts with something else. I’m thinking maybe simple crunches but does anyone have a) the same issue or b) any other ideas

I’m so glad to be back, this is the best online community, thanks Kelli and Daniel