Bursitis (I think) and website idea


Hi folks,

I know I can be pretty quiet on these forums, but I read posts most days, I just don't always know what to say, so I do a lot of liking!

I've kind of wanted to post for a couple of days, but a case of a wee (as in small. Is this a UK-specific word?) bit of bursitis is nothing compared to physical issues others are experiencing in this community. I suppose, though, the mental challenge for me is greater than the physical in this case.

My knee feels 'dodgy', I've had burisitis before and I re-read up on it and it seems like it fits the bill. For anyone who is concerned about me performing self-diagnosis - it's not feeling very serious and I will go to the doctor with it if it persists for more than another week.

Trouble is, the knee's been feeling bad for pretty much a week now. I'm not addicted to exercise, I think, but the past couple of years have been full on in both good and bad ways, and doing FB workouts over 2018 has helped so much. Exercise is a healthy crutch for me! And it has also really made me grateful for having a healthy body. Turns out that gratitude does not make it easier when something goes a little awry though!

The beginning of 2019 has had no let up for me and I really need to either workout or fill a workout-shaped hole. It's been really tough to stay away from jumping around (although avoiding jump squats has been very slightly easier). I was delighted to find a 50 min upper body strength training workout from Kelli the other day, I had no idea it existed. I found a core workout too that should keep me off my feet too.

Anyway fast forward to today. My knee is not so bad, definitely improving. I'm kind of proud that I've given it enough time to heal! I've had a bit of a weird shoulder too for a couple of weeks and I know I keep aggrevating it because I can't stay off the upper body workouts. I know that I really need my knee to be good so I can do many more happy HIIT routines and I'm really happy I am (so far) managing to give it time to rest. I just hope I can keep it up after today. I don't mind doing that 50 min workout again, but my arms are still sore 2 days later so I might have to wait a while!

Lastly, if anyone's still with me at this point, I thought it would be nice on the website filter if it would be possible to exclude items as well as filter by them. For example, at the moment I want to be able to search for a core or upper body workout that does not have any total body or lower body or HIIT so that I can stay off my knee. I don't think this is possible right now, but please do tell me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for letting me sound off. I probably say this a lot in the few times I do post or reply, but it's good to have this place.